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Smartphone Insurance Costs for 2019 Releases

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Smartphone Insurance Costs for 2019 Releases

Your phone is one of the most important parts of your life and if you’re lucky enough to have a flagship phone, you need to make sure you protect it should the worst happen. Flagships, the main high-end phones that manufacturer’s offer, are getting better every year. Coming in 2019 we have some cutting-edge handsets to look forward to from the likes of Samsung and Apple, HTC and Huawei, as well as devices from Sony, Google, Nokia and many more.

Over the next 12 months you can expect to see the first phones capable of connecting to superfast  5G networks, and ‘octa-core chips’ that promise a 45% performance bump. This means even faster and more reliable devices. Expect screens to get bigger and taller too, and batteries will probably last longer also. Above all, flagships will become smarter, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming widespread and implemented system-wide.

For software the majority will run Android Pie or iOS 12, but both Android 10 Q and iOS 13 are due an autumn launch.

But what would it cost to get the latest devices insured? Look no further, we’ll give you the lowdown on what to expect when taking out gadget insurance with Multi Gadget Insure on your shiny new device.


In the flagship launch calendar, Samsung like to be first. The Galaxy S range has been running since 2010, with around 500 million devices sold to date. The Galaxy S10 launched a few days ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on the 20th February. The 10th smartphone in the series is expected to be revolutionary when people finally get their hands on it from 8 March.

The new devices will integrate an in-display fingerprint sensor and run on either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 chip. There will be more cameras, with two at the front and three or even four at the rear!

Samsung has worked to further maximise the available screen area too, refusing to go down the notch route to house the selfie camera and instead opting for a punch-hole-style cut out in its new Infinity-O display. Those screens are also getting larger, with 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in displays.

If one of Samsung’s new flagship devices takes your fancy, bear in mind that with all that extra screen, comes extra glass, meaning a greater risk of smashing your gorgeous handset into a million pieces. Take some precautionary steps and get your handset insured with Multi Gadget Insure, you can expect to pay £7.25 per month or £72.50 per year for Samsung Galaxy S10E Insurance. Insurance costs for the other Samsung Galaxy S10 models are displayed below.

Samsung Galaxy 10s - Monthly Rates

Samsung Galaxy 10s - Yearly Rates


The first Huawei flagship of the year will be the P30 Pro. Huawei is still down as a main guest at the MWC, but don’t expect the P30 until mid to late March.

The latest renders of the upcoming phone point to the return of the headphone jack, as well as an in-display fingerprint sensor and new waterdrop-style screen notch. Though there may again be a triple-lens rear camera on the standard model, the Pro could see a four-lens assembly.

You could end up paying twice for those awesome wide-angle photos if your P30 stopped working, save yourself the pain and hassle and get protection with gadget insurance with Multi Gadget Insure from £000 a month and £000 a year.

Huawei 2019 Releases - Monthly Rates

Huawei 2019 Releases - Yearly Rates


Sony comes next, launching their flagship on the 25th February 2019 at the MWC tradeshow. The Xperia XZ4 will be Sony’s latest flagship and it’s likely to look an awful lot like the XZ3, though perhaps with a flatter screen.

Leaked renders of screen protectors suggest there will be no notch, but a very tall 21:9 aspect ratio. In common with the Huawei there is some talk of Sony reversing its decision to remove the headphone jack, though this is unlikely. The Snapdragon 855 will also feature, and Sony fans will be pleased to learn a Compact version of the XZ4 is also expected to be announced.

Since Sony makes most of its smartphones waterproof as standard, this latest handset will probably be no exception. But waterproofing is not always a lifeline, and you could lose everything in a matter of seconds if your device manages to get into some cold water. Stay safe with Multi Gadget Insure and get your new Sony insured from £000 a month or save with a plan from £000 annually.


The former goliath in the Android market, but less so these days, returns with the HTC U13. Despite some rumours before Christmas that there would be no HTC U13, the company has insisted that its future flagship smartphone efforts will focus on 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual-reality applications.

We don’t expect the next flagship from HTC to arrive until at least late-May 2019, and thus there is little right now to go on in the way of rumours. A few early concept videos have leaked and point to a cheaper mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor, a move to an AMOLED display, and an integrated in-display fingerprint sensor.

However, this cheaper device still needs looking after when it’s released, take extra care with insurance from £000 monthly and £000 yearly from Multi Gadget Insure.


iPhone 11, iPhone XI, iPhone XS 2019… for now no-one really knows what to call the next iPhone; Apple are traditionally very secretive about any launch. History tells us it will be announced in the second week of September and normally released on the Friday of the following week. In this year’s line-up, there will likely be three models again – standard, lite and plus versions.

As always there is an awful lot of speculation over what will feature in the next iPhone, but chief among those rumours is a triple-lens camera, a reduced screen notch, even tougher screen protection with Sapphire glass, and a move from Lightning to USB-C, the new standard in phone charging.

The next iPhone could also see the return of the fingerprint sensor, with an in-display Touch ID module, and a move to OLED panels on all models.

If you love the iPhone, then make sure you show it and insure your handset with Multi Gadget Insure from only £000 a month or £000 annually.


Google’s annual own-brand smartphone release will come in early October 2019, running new Android 10 Q.

Early rumours suggest the company will push the boundaries of the all-screen front, with a dual-lens selfie camera and dual speakers built directly into the display with no notch in sight. With more focus on the front we could see a jump up in size from 5.5in to around 6in on the standard model, and from 6.3in to something closer to 6.6in on the Pixel 4 XL.

Another thing Google will work to improve is photography, with a dual-lens camera with 2x optical zoom expected to feature. And performance will improve, with the Snapdragon 855 onboard (which could also pave the way to 5G support), though we’d like to see Google go beyond 4GB of RAM as standard.

If long loading loafing times send you to sleep, keep your ultra-fast Pixel safe with insurance from Multi Gadget Insure, you can expect to pay £000 a month or £000 annually.


After a very long (two-year) wait, this could be the day we are finally rewarded for our patience with the Nokia 9 PureView. The Nokia Mobile brand was sold to Microsoft in 2011 before being incorporated into, now defunct, Microsoft Mobile. Since, Microsoft have sold the brand name to HMD Global for a figure in the region of $350 million.

Nokia went back to basics, releasing new versions of the infamous 3310 and developing devices that rely on Google’s Android OS. Nokia’s flagship for 2019 is (disappointingly) expected to have last year’s Snapdragon 845 rather than the brand-new 855, though the Nokia 9 could wow in other ways; it’s thought to feature a penta-lens rear camera with Zeiss branding.

The Nokia 9’s 5.99in Quad-HD screen could also see an in-display fingerprint sensor integrated, and we expect to find Android One and a capacious 4,150mAh battery running the show. Waterproofing and wireless charging should also be standard.

If a Nokia is the brand you’ve stuck by for years, you can expect to pay £000 annually or £000 monthly to insure with Multi Gadget Insure. You can always rely on your Nokia this way!

For more information on our insurance policies, visit our **** page or get in touch with us by calling 0191 519 4000.

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